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weekend classes

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  •  Conversation
  •  Saturday
  •  9 weeks program
  •  10 maximum per class
  •  Marylebone office
  •  2h per week
  •  Between 9:00 to 12:00
  •  £300
  •  Intermediate & Advanced
  •  Taster available

picture of the intermediate book

Unique method

Our unique method will get you to speak about different topics, like politics, economie, fashion, wine talk, housing, environment, etc. Different supports will be used to introduce the topic of the week, like newspapers articles, videos, or audio material from radio for example. The classes will help you build your confidence while practicing speaking, it will teach you how to organise your arguments in order to defend your opinion on a given topic, as well as how to challenge someone else’s opinion. The classes will also help you work on listening and understanding others, which is a much needed skill.

The 1A syllabus

  •  Small talk in French
  •  Reading or listening of the document of the day
  •  Teacher answer any questions related to the document
  •  Preparation time for speaking
  •  Each student presents their view on the given topics
  •  Questions and answers
  •  Debate
  •  Teachers opinion
  •  Conclusion

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