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Stage 4

French course

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This fourth and last level of intermediate is perfect for people who can speak in the present, the past and the future tenses. This level will teach you the imperative and will give you an extended knowledge of pronouns. On top of that, it will teach you some useful French expressions and contain a lot of hidden speaking practice. It will also suit anybody wishing to revise the imperative and the pronouns.

  •  One student
  •  Online
  •  14 hours
  •  One teacher
  •  On demand


  •  Possessive pronouns and expressions with verbs
  •  Demonstrative pronouns and expressions with verbs
  •  Indefinite pronouns
  •  Relative pronouns
  •  Direct object pronouns
  •  COI and COD pronouns
  •  Speaking session
  •  Position of pronouns and double pronouns
  •  Pronominal verbs in different tenses
  •  Speaking session
  •  Imperative
  •  The verb to miss

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The materials are provided in PDF format before each lesson so you can prepare and also revise after the session with the teacher. The cost of the digital materials is included in the course price. The materials are also available in book format that can be purchased separately.

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The teachers

The course is taught by one of our Senior tutors. All our them have a lot of experience and are native French speakers. They are recruited and trained by Anais to make sure they offer you the best quality and experience you can have.

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Online folder

The course gives you access to a personal online folder, accessible 24/7. Inside the folder, you will find the teacher's notes made by topics after each session as well as the materials, the homework and a vocabulary list to learn in relation with each session.

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Certificate of completion

When you finish a level you receive a certificate of attendance and completion. We have 6 levels based on the European framework of reference for languages. Beginners 1, Beginners 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, Advanced 2.

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The lessons are delivered face to face or online. We have access to several private offices across London thanks to strong partnerships. However we perfectly understand how busy your day can be, and learning French should not put pressure on your schedule. This is why, we happily travel anywhere in London to meet you.

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Client reviews

“I enjoy going to France for my holidays and I have a friend who lives there so we mix with the neighbours and I really wanted to be able to have a conversation with them in French. My understanding of French has improved a lot since I have been taking lessons with Anaïs. Conversation is much better but still needs to be worked on. I am an older pupil and therefore take longer to learn new information, especially a foreign language. Thankfully Anaïs is a very encouraging, gentle and considerate teacher, she explains things well and she is very patient.”
Sally, London


About our clients

We have taught French to people from different part of the world, adapting the teaching method to their background, requirements and taking in consideration their mother tongue. We had the pleasure to teach French to university lecturers, to researchers and doctors, but also, to people working in the cinema, the music and the media industry such as tv producers, journalists or musicians. We have as well taught French to business owners, to CEOs, and to members of the European Parliament. Moreover, we have delivered in-company lessons, for English companies working with French ones and, to people working for French companies. Some of them are:

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