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Lessons are suitable for adults who want to apply for jobs in a French speaking country.

The documents I use are a guide to how to write a good CV or cover letter, prepare for an interview and on the mistakes to avoid. The French ministry of defence uses the same documents to help their military men find new jobs. I have helped many students to apply for jobs in French speaking countries and prepared them for their interviews using these documents. I can help you to either translate your CV and cover letter from English to French or proofread them. I can also make sure that your CV and cover letter conform to the French requirements in order to give you even more chance to be called for an interview. I can also help you to get ready for your interview in French by practising frequently asked questions plus specific questions related to your field. I will give advice on how to highlight your skills and on how to relate them to the job you apply for. Furthermore, making sure that the grammar, the tenses and the pronunciation are perfect.



“I have had a great experience with Anaïs. Not only has she encouraged me in my learning of French, but she has also given me the confidence and helped me to apply for jobs in France and integrate into the French system. She is methodical in her approach, clear, flexible and fun.”
Ruth, England


Apply for jobs lessons are only one to one sessions.

  •   from £45/h for one to one
  •   from £45/h for groups

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