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What to expect

The lessons are suitable for adults from 18 years old who have never learnt French before or have some basic knowledge of the language. If you are a beginner, we will start with the basics (numbers, telling the time, the weather, introducing yourself and more), then we will move on, doing some grammar with feminine-masculine-plural. After that, we will start learning tenses (present tense, past tense, future tense...) and vocabulary. Speaking will be introduced by the end of the first tense learnt. If you have some knowledge of the language, the lessons can also be designed for you after studying your needs. At the end of each lesson, I will give you a small amount of homework to do (learning vocabulary, writing sentences…). Having homework is really important, especially when you are a beginner, as it pushes you to work in your own time.

Each lesson starts with the correction of the homework and with an informal test on the topics of the previous lesson. The lessons adapt to your learning rhythm so you can learn at your own pace without pressure. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic and they all follow a logical progression in learning the language in order to later be able to link topics together and develop speaking. The lessons are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) who describes foreign language proficiency.



“Anaïs is a fantastic French tutor and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting to learn French, regardless of your current level. I have had at least 1 lesson a week with Anaïs since March last year and she has taken me from literally no French at-all to being able to communicate confidently using all the main tenses and to understand almost everything in normal conversation. She tailors each lesson to my exact needs and teaches in a relaxed, friendly environment. Anaïs encourages me to speak as much as listen and this has helped massively to increase my confidence! At school I didn’t get on with languages, now thanks largely to Anaïs I find learning French immensely satisfying and fun and am now thinking of taking DELF exams at level B1. Merci beaucoup Anaïs!”
Matthew, England


Beginner lessons are usually one to one sessions. However group class could be accomodated if you want to study with a friend or relative. I’m also hosting group classes on term basis. Feel free to ask for more details and availabilities. The maximum group size is 4 people for efficiency reasons.

  •   from £45/h for one to one
  •   from £45/h for groups

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