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Work alongside school or get
prepared to start French at school

What to expect

Lessons are suitable for children aged 6 years old and over doing or not French at school.

Each lesson includes reading, writing, listening and speaking, making sure that all aspects of the language are covered. Activity sheets with games and colouring, role play activities and games are used for the younger children as it’s important to learn through playing at an early age. All the lessons are based on the key stage 1 requirements in order to work alongside the school curriculum or get prepared to start French at school later.

For older children, I use activity sheets among other resources. The lessons follow the key stages 2 or 3, in order to work alongside school and to further existing knowledge. If your child does French at school, it’s important for me to know what their French teacher wants them to improve. This way I can fully support their learning.

Parents have a significant role in their child’s success, this is why communication is greatly important to me. It is essential that you know how your child is doing during the lessons and what we have been working on. This is why I always give feedback at the end of each lesson and inform you of the homework I give to your child. Having homework to do at home, is really important for their learning journey, as a result it is important to make sure that it is completed.



“My daughter has had French lessons with Anaïs for around 2 years. Now being 11 she is ready to continue French lessons at secondary school having learnt with Anaïs vocabulary, grammar, reading, and having practiced speaking with Anaïs. Anaïs is very relaxed, patient and friendly with children. She is able to adopt an individual approach depending on your expectations, ability and expected pace of learning. I recommend lessons with Anaïs to adults and children to learn all aspects of language, to practice speaking skills or to be well prepared for GCSE or A-levels exams.”
Kamila, England


Children lessons are usually one to one sessions. However group class could be accomodated if you want to study with a friend or relative. I’m also hosting group classes on term basis. Feel free to ask for more details and availabilities. The maximum group size is 4 people for efficiency reasons.

  •   from £45/h for one to one
  •   from £45/h for groups

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