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What to expect

DELF (French Studies Diploma) and DALF (Advanced French Studies Diploma) exam preparations are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

The exams are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) which shows learners’ achievements in French. The diplomas are valid in Europe and other countries and are widely accepted as the European standard for grading an individual's language proficiency. Therefore they are usually needed to work or study in French speaking countries. They are divided into 6 levels and there are exams for professionals, children, teenagers, adults and students. The level A is for beginners (A1 and A2 for basic user), the level B is for intermediate (B1 and B2 for independent users) and the level C is for advanced (C1 and C2 for proficient users). Based on the level you choose, you will have to purchase a book specialising in the exam. The exam includes 4 parts; writing, listening, reading and speaking. The books are a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the exam format and to focus on the exam requirements. General French lessons will also be added along the way depending on your needs (grammar, tenses, vocabulary…).



“ I had been studying french with Anaïs for bit more than two years. With her help and guidance I passed the B2 level exam (as well as the B1 previously) and after that we continued preparing for the next level, C1. Anaïs knows how to adapt the lesson to the learning style and the needs of the student, she is extremely patient and she always tries to make the lesson enjoyable and interesting. Now that I have moved to the French-speaking part of Belgium, I realise the value of everything I learnt with her. Thank you for everything Anaïs!!”
Francesco, Italy


DELF & DALF lessons are usually one to one sessions. However group class could be accomodated if you want to study with a friend or relative. I’m also hosting group classes on term basis. Feel free to ask for more details and availabilities. The maximum group size is 4 people for efficiency reasons.

  •   from £45/h for one to one
  •   from £45/h for groups

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