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What to expect

Lessons are suitable for people wanting to live in France or in a French speaking country.

If you decide to live in a French speaking country, the lessons can help you learn enough French to get by or help you further your existing knowledge and develop your ability to speak. The lessons will be based on your exact needs and adapt to your learning rhythm so you can learn at your own pace. Each lesson will focus on a specific topic and follow a logical progression in learning the language. Lessons are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Once in the country, the settling service can help you adapt to your new life and home. For example, by calling suppliers, the bank or labourers (gardeners, builders etc.), by translating or proofreading your correspondence or by helping you understanding legal documents related or not to your property...



“ Anaïs took me on as a complete beginner without being able to speak any French at all. I was leaving the UK within three weeks to live and work in France for several months and Anaïs was given the task of teaching me enough French to get by. She was pushy and demanding but when I arrived in France I was able to make myself understood and build on the "emergency pack" so to speak that she taught me. I would not have been able to survive without her expertise. The French people I met were so impressed with how much I’d been taught in such a short space of time and I’ve continued to study with her since my return to the UK. Anaïs is a clever and talented French teacher with plenty of patience and understanding.”
Mark, England


Live in France lessons are usually one to one sessions. However group class could be accomodated if you want to study with a friend or relative. I’m also hosting group classes on term basis. Feel free to ask for more details and availabilities. The maximum group size is 4 people for efficiency reasons.

  •   from £45/h for one to one
  •   from £45/h for groups

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