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What to expect

This service is for adults, students or companies looking for an enhancement of their documents.

Professional proofreading of any document in relation to job applications (cv, cover letter…), business (website content, brochure, résumé newsletter, manual, email, letter…) academic work (thesis, dissertation, essay, PhD, report, article…) and authors (magazine, blog post, story…) , on paper or onscreen depending on your preferences. For onscreen proofreading I usually edit in Word using the comment boxes or track changes, but I am happy to use the software of your choice. Prices are calculated per 1000 words. A fixed price will be charged for short documents. I can roughly proofread 1000 words per hour, for straightforward proofreading. Particular attention to details Is given to deliver error-free documents and a fast delivery. There are three services to choose from. A basic proofreading service (the spelling will be checked and corrected), a normal proofreading service (the grammar, the spelling and the punctuation will be checked and corrected), and a superior proofreading service (on top of the normal proofreading, the tenses and the sentence structures will be checked and corrected in order to enhance your document).



“Thank you so much for having translated the letter in such a short time, we were so pleased to receive an answer for the French administration. You have done a great job!”
Denise, England


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  •   £20/1000 words, basic text
  •   £25/1000 words, normal text
  •   £30/1000 words, superior text

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