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This service is for adults, students or companies needing translations of documents from English to French. Professional translations of any documents in relation to job applications (cv, cover letter…), business (website content, brochure, résumé newsletter, manual, email, letter…) academic work (dissertation, essay, article…) and authors (magazine, blog post, story…) available from English to French.

Short texts (under 1000 words) will be charged a fixed price calculated on an hourly rate and long texts will be charged by word. I can roughly translate 2000 words a day, but this output will vary with the complexity of the source text. Translation work includes the translation of the source text, the editing and the proofreading of the final work in order to deliver a client-ready document without any mistakes or awkwardness. I usually work on Word but I am happy to use the software of your choice. The cost of a translation may vary according to the length of the source, the technical complexity and the deadline. Technical subjects include law, medical, fashion, finance… For a no obligation quote, don't hesitate to send your document.



For a no obligation quote, don't hesitate to send your document.

  •   £70/1000 words, non technical
  •   £90/1000 words, technical

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