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After many years teaching French in the UK, Anaïs has developed a teaching method based on the Common European framework of reference for languages. Her method is made by level and based on what each level of proficiency needs to know to move to the next one. That method has been tested and proven, with hundred of clients during the last 7 years. Clients reacted positively to the method and could see their own progress every time they were mixing with native speakers. In order to give her clients a better learning experience, she has put that method into book format. Several books are currently available and others will complete the collection soon.

The interest around French being constantly higher, her availability became low, which has put her in the incapacity of helping people. Following her core belief, that learning French is as exciting as teaching it, she has created Anaïs and Co.

Our teachers embrace the company’s vision and deliver an outstanding experience. Based on our experience of learning other languages, we have created a professional and reliable service, with follow-ups, checks and put a process in place to make sure our clients always get the best. We put professionalism at the center of everything we do, and we are convinced you will appreciate it.

Anaïs and Co also helps people who would like to become independent teachers to do so. Most of the tutor we carefully select, have experience working in schools and are therefore knowledgeable. Despite their ability, we train them and we give them the support and tools they need to become better teachers.


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How it works

We mainly offer one to one lessons but are happy to organised small group lessons for your convenience. We follow a structured teaching method thanks to our books and online platform. Our method promotes a progressive and comprehensive way of learning the language and our online platform helps you keep track of your progress. On top of that we offer a wide range of services, from exam preparations, to job application, as well as translation.

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Why choose us

We are a team of experienced native teachers from different parts of France. We all have a speciality, exam preparation or business French for example but we also teach any level and ability. We follow the same teaching method and process, to insure every client gets the same teaching quality. Thanks to our diverse origins, we offer a wide range of accents, idioms, top tips and shortcuts, and we all speak multiple languages. We believe this will benefit your learning and this is why we offer the possibility to change tutor whenever you want.

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Where do we teach

We have multiple beautifully designed offices across West London. Three nice office spaces in Marylebone, one in Paddington and one about to open in Chelsea. However we perfectly understand how busy your day can be, and learning French should not put pressure on your schedule. This is why, we can travel anywhere in London and are happy to teach at your office or online.

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When do we teach

Because we mainly provide one to one tuitions all the lessons will be scheduled at a time that will be convenient for you. We are able to teach you French from 8am to 9pm, and that, Monday to Sunday. We are also, always happy to be flexible on the days and times of your lessons, even if you are seeking for a lesson outside of our working hours. So, even if you want a lesson at 7am, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find a way to make it happen.

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Learn French with Anais book cover Learn French with Anais book cover

Our method

For every lesson, we follow our method and you can find it in our books. They are available to buy from Amazon’s website. They will help you learn the language without taking bad habits. They will also allow you to widen your knowledge of the language, as they have been written in a clean and easy way.


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Our locations

We believe the place where the lesson take place is as important as the lessons themselves to learn a language. Our main office is in Marylebone in a nice Georgian terraced house. We also have a second office in Paddington for your convenience. Our offices are beautifully designed and we have no doubts you will immediately feel at ease.

Our platform

We have developed a bespoke online platform for our clients. On that platform you can access your lessons in a PDF version and find the notes attached to each of them. You can also practice with interactive online exercises, keep track of your progress and collect badges along the way. All our teacher use the platform to ensure the same quality and service is given to each of our clients.

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“Anaïs has a natural gift for instruction; her lessons are focused and challenging but adapted to the pace of the student, and most importantly, fun. Over a period of several months, her broader lesson plan demonstrates her well-considered and dynamic approach and achieves real results for the student. Her teaching method makes a pleasure, out of the otherwise tedious task of learning a language.”
Raph, New York


Why learn french

Not only is France a beautiful country offering amazing skiing, mountain or beach holidays, but it also has great weather with different climates and unique landscapes. It is of course one of the largest wine producers in the world and has the well known Champagne region. We cannot talk about France without mentioning its gastronomy, you may not know but in 2010 France was the first nation to have its gastronomy recognised by UNESCO as "intangible cultural heritage”.

France also has lot of cultural and natural wonders with 41 UNESCO heritage sites. It’s the most visited country and the one which leads the world in the field of tourism. Not only is French a beautiful and melodious language, but it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, spoken on nearly every continent. French is the official language of twenty nine countries in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. Furthermore, French is spoken in twenty four countries as another language. It is a significant language for business. Moreover French is one of the official languages of the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, Olympics and other organisations.

This explains why French is the most frequently learnt language after English and the fifth most spoken language in the world. In the coming years, it is likely that French will become the second most spoken language in the world with the development of Africa. As you may have understood, learning French is a true investment for your future regardless of what your personal objectives are.


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