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One to one lessons

One to one lessons are available to all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. They will help you learn or improve your French no matter why you are learning the language. Having one to one lessons is the best way to progress fast, as you get 100 percent of your teacher’s attention. The lessons follow your learning rhythm, adapt to your level and are designed around your needs to meet what you are looking to achieve.


Group classes

Classes are a great way to socialise and to meet people, like you, who enjoy learning French. We have developed a unique syllabus, based on our method which gives a different approach from what you can find on the market. We have your success at heart and this is why I have put the emphasis on teaching you things you will need, to take part in real life situation. The grammar will be taught in English for beginners levels to ensure you understand the fundamentals of the language.



The books are available in a series of seven books divided in three levels. Each level has two volumes and an exercises book to help you practice. Every lesson in the books is based on the European Framework of Reference For Languages. Everything in these books has been thought to give learners the best experience in their self-teaching journey. The order in which the lessons have been put together promotes a gradual and an effective learning, so you don’t need to look back.


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