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“I have been having French lessons with Anaïs since January 2014, and I have found her both friendly and approachable. My knowledge of the French language was very sparse, and I feel that I have learnt quite a lot during this time with particular attention to reading, writing and French grammar. Anaïs is always ready to answer and explain any questions that I may have and the lessons are informative and interesting. I would therefore, recommend Anais Language as a professional and easy way to learn French.”
Joane, England

“I have been taking French lessons with Anaïs for approximately 6 months. In that period, I have advanced from an absolute beginner to having the confidence to be able to converse in French. As I have little natural flair for languages, it has been a challenge at times, however, Anaïs has made the journey both easy and enjoyable. She has a very calm, patient, methodical and relaxed approach but is equally attentive and careful to ensure that the learning is tailored to meet your needs during your individual lessons. As a native French speaker, she provides the necessary authenticity, context and knowledge, moreover she possesses first-hand experience of all the necessary idioms, pitfalls, top tips and shortcuts, required to ensure that your learning can be practically applied immediately. ”
Simon, England

“Anaïs is a fantastic French tutor and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone wanting to learn French regardless of your current level. I have had at least 1 lesson a week with Anaïs since March last year and she has taken me from literally no French at-all to being able to communicate confidently using all the main tenses and to understand almost everything in normal conversation. She tailors each lesson to my exact needs and teaches in a relaxed, friendly environment. Anaïs encourages me to speak as much as listen and this has helped massively to increase my confidence! At school I didn’t get on with languages, now thanks largely to Anaïs I find learning French immensely satisfying and fun and am now thinking of taking DELF exams at level B1. Merci beaucoup Anais!”
Matthew, England

“I have been having private classes with Anais for the last six months, starting from a basic beginners level. She is always friendly, clear and non judgmental. She works through her well rounded lessons at my pace. The lessons combined with a small amount of homework have improved my spoken and written comprehension of French, and I was excited and confident to try my new French skills on a recent trip to Paris. I previously tried group French classes, but have found private one-to-one tutorage has been far easier as Anais identified the areas I needed the most help and focused on them. I have also found her to be accommodating with lesson times. I look forward to my class each week and would definitely recommend Anais as a French teacher! ”
Nicola, Australia

“Thank you very much for giving me a great start to learning French so far. I have learnt loads of new little things to say to my girlfriend's family. ”
Alex, England

“I was a complete beginner. Learning French was very challenging, but I am glad that I began my French learning journey with my very patient and kind tutor, Anais. Thank you for everything.”
Michael, Hong Kong

“I have been learning French with Anaïs now for 4 months. I started from scratch, as an absolute beginner, and during that time I learnt the structure of the language, how to form sentences, pronunciation, masculine/feminine, verbs, nouns, phrases, and more. Basically, a whole lot of stuff. As with learning anything new, the teacher is 90% of the motivation. In this, I have found Anaïs to be friendly, personable and patient. As such she provides the necessary ingredients for any student – particularly a beginner - to grow in confidence when learning this beautiful language. I can highly recommend her to you.”
Graham, England

“Thank you for everything you have taught us, it's been a lot of fun!”
Thom and Eva, England

“I started French lessons with Anaïs around 2 months ago and feel that I have already made significant progress under her tuition. She is very personable and patient, and her lessons are structured very well with clear targets in place. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn French.”
Nick, England

"Thank you for your patience, understand and encouragement, you have made learning French fun!”
Thomas, England

“Thanks for having taught us French during all this time. We've been seeing you for so long now that we consider you a friend (who teaches us French)!”
Max and Kathy, England

“Anais, is the BEST French teacher I have ever had. I was having one to one lessons with her but I had to move to a different city. She is an amazing teacher and I am still learning French with her (via Skype now) because I didn't really want another private tutor. To be honest Skype lessons are just as fun!!”
Chris, England

“Anais is a lovely teacher, very professional and punctual. Her book is also very helpful for a total beginner like myself!”
Sujin, Korea

“I think Anaïs is a FANTASTIC teacher and also great fun to chat to! I’m learning so much with her and really enjoy our lessons!”
Amelia, England

“I have been studying with Anais for a few months now, in this time my French has dramatically improved, my vocabulary has grown significantly and my french speaking skills are much improved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anais as an excellent teacher.”
Idreece, England

“Anais is great tutor. I like the way how she structure our lessons: a bit a mix of everything (grammar, pronouncement and new vocabulary). Highly recommended.”
Anastasiya, Russia

“Thank you very much for the precision and skill you delivered the lessons. I have enjoyed learning from you! And thank you very much for getting me to speak French!”
Robert, England

“I am enjoying every lesson, I would definitely recommend Anaïs to anybody looking to learn French”
Anastasia, Russia

“Anaïs is an excellent teacher. She is friendly and approachable and understands quickly both one's learning objectives and where one's strengths and weaknesses lie; she adapts her lessons to suit both. I highly recommend her as a teacher, both for beginners and those hoping to expand their existing knowledge of French.”
David, England

“Anais is a fabulous teacher. Her style is well balanced and well structured for the best possible outcome. I started lessons without knowing one French word and she has given me the confidence to try to speak French in my daily life. She is very patient and has a wonderful temperament that is very conducive to learning a new language. Her materials that come along with the classes are very well done as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Anais to anyone looking to learn French. If you are considering taking lessons from Anais, just say YES today! You will not regret it. She is A+++ in my book!”
Julie, England

“Anais is a wonderful teacher. She is very professional and takes you along at a steady pace. It has given me the confidence to speak French when I am over there. I have no hesitation in recommending Anais to anyone that wants to learn French.”
Lynn, England

“The lessons and the materials are both excellent. Clear, practical and also highly personable. Highly recommended!”
Neil, England

“Anaïs is a brilliant teacher. Her lessons are enjoyable and very well-structured. I have learnt so much from them in just a short space of time. The learning materials are also very useful and clear. Anaïs is super professional - always on time, quick to respond and very encouraging.”
Francesca, England

“Anaïs was super professional, she was always very prompt in communications, she also set up a call before I started my lessons to gauge where my level was which was very helpful. I had all of my lessons with Margot, she's a really lovely person and was great at the lessons too. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their French.”
Harry, England

“Anais has been a wonderful teacher. She has individual way of teaching regarding the student needs and skills. I can see how my French is improving from having the lessons with Anais over the year. I managed to go to the French language school only over couple of mounts studying with Anais and was having the lessons in French language only. Anais books are very easy to work with and I like how material is structured. Only the positive feelings.”
Kristina, England

“I clicked with Anais straight away. She is friendly and fun in disposition, whilst being an excellent teacher, who challenges and pushes her students. I have been an ‘on / off’ French language learner for some years. This is the first time that I have been committed and I believe that it is because, every week, I can see positive results. I know that I am learning a lot and my French is progressing well. My old bad habits are also disappearing. Anais provides structured lessons and I am surprised at how much we get through in one hour each week. My French friends have noticed the huge progress that I have made with my written and spoken French in such a short space of time. I would recommend Anais, without hesitation, to anyone who wants to learn French, properly and with ongoing results.”
Anthony, England

“Anais is a fantastic teacher. I can’t speak highly enough of her. I’ve been having an hours lesson a week for the past 9 months or so. I regularly visit France and feel the improvement every time I go. I’m not a natural linguist but the structure of teaching really works for me.”
Ben, England

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Anais. Anais is a good teacher and is very motivated and enthusiastic, which makes it easier to learn French. The lessons are very structured and Anais makes notes to review later, also her lesson material seems complete and structured. It can be challenging to fit the classes in my schedule, but Anais is always happy to find a solution or do a class via Skype. She seems to enjoy teaching people a new language and I would definitely recommend.”
Merel, England

“I have been having French lessons with Anais for the last 3 months and my French is coming on leaps and bounds. Anais is very thorough and precise, whilst also being extremely friendly and easy to talk to, and you never feel self-conscious if you make a mistake. She has written her own textbooks and as a result, really understands the rules of the French language, as well as all the tiny exceptions that keep cropping up. I'm nearly on to the second textbook and can't wait to find out what I'll be learning!”
Sarina, England

“Anais is a very skilled and patient teacher and is able to apply her considerable intelligence to teaching in a way that elicits the best from her student. She has a very positive, cheerful demeanour and it makes the language learning enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Philip, England

“I start study French with Anaïs 6 month ago. I was a beginner, just knew few words in French. Now I feel confident speaking French on a basic level. Anaïs is a very dedicated to what she is doing. She adapts lessons to your needs and also she is very motivating. Her book has a great structure and make the process of learning French smooth and fun. I would highly recommend her as a tutor for any age and level.”
Anastasia, England

“Anaïs is a brilliant teacher who takes learning French from a very different perspective to most language teaching institutes. As well as teaching basic grammar, Anaïs also teaches you about the culture and traditions in France, and what to say in certain situations, which I found both interesting and useful. She is very organised, plans lessons well and adapts them according to your personal goals. I highly recommend her to anybody wanting to take private French lessons.”
Fatima, England

“My husband and I wanted to improve our French for a combination of reasons. The main one being our love of snowboarding in the French Alps! We both did GCSE French but really wanted to improve our knowledge and grasp of the language. We found Anais online two years and a half ago and have been studying French ever since. Lee and I started at different levels and Anaïs has been able to accommodate this and provide balanced lessons. Happily out French has improved massively. Anaïs' lessons are enjoyable and well-paced, as well as challenging. ”
Michelle and Lee, England

“I attended french lessons at school a long time ago but I remember almost nothing. I have recently been holidaying in France and it is now our intention to retire there. I have been having one lesson per week for over a year now with Anais. It has been difficult for me but Anais has been very patient and understanding. She listened to my needs at the outset and has gradually taken me through a journey of learning that has been challenging but at a pace that I have been able to manage. It has been fun and although throughout the journey, at times, I have felt that I have been struggling to move forward, when I look back I can see just how far I have come. Anais has given me confidence, enthusiasm, support and encouragement to achieve my ambition. Just like learning to drive a car everything you need to know is given in the lessons but your own success is down to the practice you commit to in between the lessons, I need to do more! I really enjoy the lessons, I’m grateful to Anais for all the help, guidance and support she has given me and would really recommend her to anyone wanting to learn french in a personal way that is tailored to your own requirements and enjoyable. Thanks Anais!”
Bryan, England

“I have had a great experience with Anaïs. Not only has she encouraged me in my learning of French, but she has also given me the confidence to apply for jobs in France and integrate into the French system. She is methodical in her approach, clear, flexible and fun.”
Ruth, England

“Last year I had a lovely holiday in Provence but felt frustrated at how little I was able to communicate in French. I felt determined to do better next time, so searched for some one to one French lessons in Bristol. I've really enjoyed my lessons with Anaïs. It's great to be taught by a native French speaker as she can explain all the subtleties and quirks of the language. Anaïs has a very clear and easy to follow teaching style and is always happy to answer my questions and teach at the pace I need. She is friendly and encouraging and I feel confident that I'm getting a thorough grounding in the language ready for my next holiday.”
Sally, England

“Last year I had a lovely holiday in Provence but felt frustrated at how little I was able to communicate in French. I felt determined to do better next time, so searched for some one to one French lessons in Bristol. I've really enjoyed my lessons with Anaïs. It's great to be taught by a native French speaker as she can explain all the subtleties and quirks of the language. Anaïs has a very clear and easy to follow teaching style and is always happy to answer my questions and teach at the pace I need. She is friendly and encouraging and I feel confident that I'm getting a thorough grounding in the language ready for my next holiday.”
Sally, England

“Anaïs took me on as a complete beginner without being able to speak any French at all. I was leaving the UK within three weeks to live and work in France for several months and Anaïs was given the task of teaching me enough French to get by. She was pushy and demanding but when I arrived in France I was able to make myself understood and build on the "emergency pack" so to speak that she taught me. I would not have been able to survive without her expertise. The French people I met were so impressed with how much I’d been taught in such a short space of time and I’ve continued to study with her since my return to the UK. Anaïs is a clever and talented French teacher with plenty of patience and understanding.”
Mark, England

“I started lessons with Anaïs four months ago in preparation for an extended holiday in France during 2017. I am 56 years old and my last French lesson was 40 years ago so there was a lot to learn - Anaïs pretty much had to start from scratch with me. It was great to have one to one tuition, I'm not that comfortable with speaking to a group and I believe a classroom environment would not have been suitable for me. I am amazed at how much Anaïs has taught me and how my confidence is growing. We've focussed on stuff that will help me in my day to day living in France which is perfect for me due to the short amount of time I've had to learn the language. There is homework every week which Anais will normally test me on at the next lesson - not an onerous amount but about 15-30 minutes per day. She's been great a teaching me different ways to learn, for example I struggled with memorising a list of verbs and she introduced the idea of making 'verb cards' to help. It really did make a difference. She's also a nice person to spend time with which always helps! I'd have no hesitation in recommending classes with Anaïs.”
Lynn, England

“I enjoy going to France for my holidays and I have a friend who lives there so we mix with the neighbours and I really wanted to be able to have a conversation with them in French. My understanding of French has improved a lot since I have been taking lessons with Anaïs. Conversation is much better but still needs to be worked on. I am an older pupil and therefore take longer to learn new information, especially a foreign language. Thankfully Anaïs is a very encouraging, gentle and considerate teacher, she explains things well and she is very patient.”
Sally, England

“I took lessons with Anaïs because I was moving to France and wanted to get by once there. I had French lessons before but I always gave up quickly. The lessons really helped me, I gained more confidence than ever and I enjoyed learning French. Anaïs is definitely the best French teacher I have had!”
Sophie, England

“Thank you very much for your coaching, I think it made a huge difference for me in terms of warming up and having confidence. I got the job and will be soon moving to Paris!! Thank you again!”
Swathi, England

“The courses with Anaïs have helped to improve my level of Business French significantly. I have grown in confidence, broadened my French vocabulary and can now hold conversations more credibly and with more self-assurance than I could before. Anaïs is supportive, patient and always flexibile with dates and times of the lessons around my job. I cannot recommend her lessons highly enough!”
Damian, England

“Me and three of my colleagues had French lessons with Anais in our premises. We work with a French company and wanted to improve our French. Anais is a brilliant french teacher. She was very patient with us and her lessons are well-structured. Our vocabulary and our use of verbs have definitely improved! ”
Amy of ClinkClink Ltd, England

“I have been attending lessons with Anais for close to a year to brush up on my general French and to learn business French. After a 25 year gap between GCSE French and today, to say that I was a little rusty at the start is an understatement. Anais has been very patient with me and is good at adjusting her teaching to the right speed depending on how quickly I am learning. Her attention to detail is excellent and I know that I am learning to speak the language properly. I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary over the last months and also now understand the structure of the language much better than I did before. The lessons are very enjoyable, in a friendly and relaxed environment ”
Dan, England

“Anaïs is a friendly and approachable tutor - I enjoyed my lessons with her and felt I progressed well. I liked the option to learn in person or via Skype (this suited my busy work schedule), and appreciated her amending some course content to suit my practical needs (eg. working in France). I hope to see her again very soon. Thank you Anaïs!”
Lani, South Africa

“Anais responded very quickly to my initial inquiry and was pleasant to talk to. She was keen to understand my aims and suggested a course of action accordingly. I was matched with a fantastic tutor, Hugo. After just six lessons I have seen a marked difference in my French speaking - my vocabulary has expanded, I am feeling more confident, and he has tailored the lessons to suit my needs and interests. I couldn't recommend him, or Anais' company, enough!”
Yasmina, England

“I'd highly recommend tutoring sessions with Anais if you want to improve your French. She kept her lessons easy, encouraging & interesting for months of tutoring me. She also took notes during the classes so that you can easily revisit your past mistakes, and anything you learned outside of the book during the lessons. She's also fun to talk with about French culture and customs. You won't regret it!”
Tyah, England

“Anaïs has been amazing at developing my French language skills. As someone who had been 'self-teaching' through apps like duolingo and online systems, I hadn't realised how many bad habits I'd picked up! Anaïs has helped me to undo these mistakes, and has given me enough confidence to push towards my DELF B1 exam. She takes lessons at my pace, and adapts the content depending on my requirements, which you wouldn't get in group classes. She's also a lovely person, and I genuinely look forward to my lessons every week!”
Charlotte, England

“I learned French at school and did reasonably well at ‘O level’ (as it was in those days!), but didn’t use the language for many years after that and as a result forgot most of what I had previously known. When my wife and I acquired a French holiday property a few years ago, I decided I ought to try to re-learn the language and initially signed up for an internet course with Babbel. This helped me to get back into the language, and in particular to re-learn some of the vocabulary and grammar, but I still found conversing in French in ‘real time’ extremely difficult. My wife had been having lessons with Anaïs for a while, and had been getting on well, so I thought I would try some lessons to myself to see if I could improve my speaking ability. I explained to Anaïs what I was looking for and she was able to adapt her style of teaching to my needs as well as my level of ability in French. Our lessons focus on conversation, and Anaïs gets me to do most of the speaking, only intervening if I get stuck, perhaps with a gentle prompt or an expression that lets me know I have made a mistake, and gives me the opportunity to correct it myself if I can. After four or five months, I am really enjoying the lessons and I find that my level of confidence and ability in spoken French has increased significantly. I would thoroughly recommend her as a teacher.”
Paul, England

“Having lived in France for 2 years, my French quickly started to get rusty once I returned to the UK. I finally decided to do something about it and have been having lessons with Anaïs for about 5 months. Having that time once a week to re-immerse myself in the language and chat about anything and everything has really revived my skills and made me realise how much I'd missed speaking French! Anaïs is friendly, open and really easy to talk to - it feels just like chatting to a friend, except you get helpful corrections to your grammar and vocabulary along the way!”
Florence, England

“I was looking to have one-to-one lessons with a native French speaker mainly to improve my spoken French. I had previously studied French to degree level and I had lived and worked in France. However, since leaving France many years ago, I had lost all confidence in speaking French. I like the lessons with Anaïs because we speak French 100% of the time. I find that I make more progress in the lessons because they are tailored to my needs. Anaïs makes notes during the lesson correcting my mistakes and at the end I have a list of new words and phrases for me to learn. What is also important for me is that Anaïs is always cheerful and friendly which makes the lessons very enjoyable and an hour with Anaïs just flies by. It really is a pleasure to have lessons with her.”
Alison, England

“I enjoyed our lessons and thank you for the work that you have put into me! My French speaking has come a long way since we started.”
Lewis, England

“Anaïs is one of the best teachers I have had. She is patient, positive and diligent, encouraging you to do your best. Not only does she provide a great environment for learning a new language (the cat being a pleasant distraction) but also she has a proactive attitude which is helpful if you struggle with some aspects of the language you are trying to learn. She quickly picks up your mistakes and teaches you the best way to avoid them. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and have made quick progress. I would recommend Anaïs to anyone who is eager to learn French be it for a job or as a hobby.”
Cristina, Moldova

“Anais is a great teacher! Pays attention to detail, adapts well to your needs, and most of all, her lessons are always fun. I'm glad I found her!”
Matthew, Hong Kong

“Anais is a superb teacher - very professional, helpful and motivating. I feel that I am making real progress and its very useful to have the post-tutorial notes (an added bonus) as a record of the main points from each tutorial”
David, England

“Anaïs is a fantastic teacher: approachable, encouraging and knowledgeable. She has helped me to achieve my targets by having very clear goals for lessons and by having my progress at heart!”
Sophie, England

“I have been studying with Anais for a few months now, in this time my French has dramatically improved, my vocabulary has grown significantly and my french speaking skills are much improved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Anais as an excellent teacher.”
Charlotte, Finland

“Anais is a wonderful language teacher. I had quite specific needs in terms of what I wanted to work on, and Anais has tailored every lesson to meet them. She’s very easy to talk to and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, no matter their level.”
Emma, USA

“I want to thank you so much for the past months, the lessons have been a lot of fun and it has been a pleasure to get to know you!”
Clara, England

“Well, this must be the easiest review I’ve ever had to give. Anaïs’ French lessons are brilliant. Thanks to the lovely Margot, I’m finally able to improve my French after years of looking for a suitable approach. I tried evening classes, online lessons and speaking to random French people - to no avail. Margot is fantastic at keeping the conversation flowing (even when I have very little interesting chat to add) and I learn new expressions every time we talk. I also really appreciate her suggestions for French TV shows and movies to watch (Dix Pour Cent - super). If there was a sixth star I would tick it. Highly recommended.”
Karolina, England

“I found Anais very professional to deal with. My initial enquiry was dealt with promptly. They were adaptable to accommodate my schedule. My teacher Apolline was very pleasant to learn with making the classes enjoyable and instructional. Based on my experience I would use them again and recommend them to others.”
Paul, England

“Anais is an inspiring and dynamic teacher who has become a dear friend. Every lesson with her is a fun and rewarding experience and I would highly recommend her to students of every level.”
Sophie, England

“My daughter has had French lessons with Anais for around 2 years. Now being 11 she is ready to continue French lessons at secondary school having learnt with Anais vocabulary, grammar, reading, and having practiced speaking with Anais. Anais is very relaxed, patient and friendly with children. She is able to adopt individual approach depending on your expectations, ability and expected pace of learning. I recommend lessons with Anais to adults and children to learn all aspects of language, to practice speaking skills or to be well prepared for GCSE or A-levels exams. ”
Kamila, England

“Since leaving school nearly 40 years ago, I have tried to learn a foreign language on several occasions, but on each occasion, I have experienced the same problem, with the grammar and being in a class room environment I could not keep up and became frustrated and soon left the class. I have now been studying with Anaïs for almost a year and found that Anaïs offers a very friendly and positive way of teaching, working at her students pace, recognising when I am finding it difficult and spending more time, to help me understand. For the first time, I have found learning French to be an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend anybody wishing to learn or improve their French to contact Anaïs. ”
Andy, England

“My daughter had lessons with Anaïs for about 2 years and stopped to go to school. After our summer holidays in France this year, she realised herself that she wanted to try learning more French again and asked me to contact Anaïs. As a parent this makes me happy, because we generally push our children to learn a new language. Anaïs is a great teacher and her fun, interesting and well adapted lessons have paid off! ”
Freya, England

“My boys (9 and 10 years old) were absolutely thrilled with their lesson with Anaïs, which is fantastic ! They are looking forward very much to the next lessons! It’s great to see them so inspired ! Thank you very much! ”
Kay, England

“Thank you for teaching my 11 year old and for your enthusiasm and patience . He was really happy learning from you and liked your encouragements”
Zita, Hungary

“We all really appreciate Anaïs’ brilliant teaching method. My son is incredibly enthusiastic about his French and he LOVES his lessons!”
Diane, England

“Anais is a fantastic French teacher! She is engaging, patient and very talented and communicates in an inspirational way. Her lessons are great !”
Keshini, England

“Marie worked with my daughter a while back for her GCSE and now she wants to do a French A level. Anais must have done a fantastic job as my daughter was very unsure about French.”
Paul, England

“Last year I was studying GCSE French at my secondary school. After the first few months into GCSE, I found it very difficult and also really tough to keep up with everyone else. About five months before my exam, I decided to get a tutor, to help me grasp French. From the first moment of being tutored by Anaïs, I immediately started to benefit from it. Anaïs was always very calm, helpful and supportive. She would always helped me with my homework and set me extra work, to further my knowledge. Within the five months from going to Anaïs, I felt confident and able to contribute fully in my class at school. Anaïs helped me from working at level D, to getting a B in my speaking exam and an overall C in my final exam! If I hadn't had her as a tutor, I honestly think I would have failed my whole French GCSE. Thank you again, Anaïs for having made it possible!”
Kayleigh, England

“Our daughter was studying for her A-level and after few lessons with Anaïs we felt that she seemed more confident and positive about her French and her ability to pass her exam.”
John, England

“I am in year 10 at school and I have found the lessons so useful and great to have alongside school. I have had French lessons with Anaïs for almost a year now, and she has really helped me improve all aspects of the language but particularly speaking. The lessons are lots of fun and I always learn lots. They really are a big help to prepare for GCSE.”
Anja, England

“Anaïs has been helping our daughter in the lead up to GCSE French. We really appreciate the support she has been giving that makes such a difference especially as tests and exams are approaching.”
Chrisitan, England

“Anaïs is a real find. I have been so pleased with her perseverance and patience with my teenager, which is not always an easy task! Anaïs has a great approach to teaching and keeps me up to date with my daughter’s progress; ensuring that I know what they have been covering and setting homework to maintain momentum. Anaïs is reliable, a great communicator and a fantastic french teacher who we highly recommend, especially to get prepared for GCSE.”
Kim, England

“My 16-year old son needs practice during Easter school break for his ICGSE French oral exam . Anais agrees helping him on Skype despite the ad-hoc nature. So far, my son had 3 hourly lessons with Anaïs and found her very experienced in on-line tutoring. She created an online folder to capture some of my son's oral practices as well as her comments as to what to improve. He also found her very punctual and patient. My son believes that Anaïs has helped him improve his exam skills after only 3 lessons. Well done, Anaïs :-) Anaïs is very responsive to my emails or whatapps, and she sent me brief feedbacks after the lessons, which I really appreciate.”
Charis, Singapore

“Thank you very much Anaïs for your wonderful teaching, the girls have got a lot out of the GCSE lessons and enjoyed them very much!”
William, England

“Me and My sister had lessons with Anaïs for 6 months to get ready for our GCSE exam. Anaïs is an amazing and friendly teacher, we have really enjoyed our lessons! She is reliable and flexible to the way you learn. She helped us with grammar, tenses, and sentence structures and also pushed us to work on the 4 parts of the exam by setting past papers as homework. It was really nice for us to have such a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. We now feel ready for the exam! We really recommend her teaching to anyone learning French.”
Laura and Ella, England

“My daughter has lessons with Anaïs to get ready for her GCSE and she is really enjoying her lessons. She is getting so much out of her tutorials and her confidence is really picking up! Anaïs is a really good teacher with plenty of patience and encouragements, she explains things clearly.”
Rachel, England

“Anais has done an excellent job of helping me both with my day to day language needs and with topics essential for my A level exam”
Marie, England

“Anais is a professional teacher. The lessons with Anais was great learning support !!!”
Owen, England

“Anais has been a tutor to my 15 year old daughter for nearly a year. Anais has given my daughter support so her confidence in French has soared. In her latest exams, my daughter scored A's in French, a huge improvement in a subject my daughter did not feel strong in before starting tutorials with Anais. Anais has provided her with a clear structure in her lessons and a friendly, positive environment to learn in. I firmly recommend Anais as a tutor as she has been such a great support for my daughter.”
Rachael, England

“Anais, I am pleased to inform you that Justin has achieved a grade 7 (A) in his IGCSE French exam. We would like to give our most sincere thanks to you for all your help and support you have given to Justin in achieving this very good result”
Andrew, Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for your help Anaïs, Matt got a grade 9 (A*) in his IGCSE French exam! We are all really pleased.”
Travis, Singapore

“Thank you so much for your help Anaïs, both girls had a grade 9 (A*) for their French GCSE exam! You have been amazing at developing their skills, so much that they want to take French for their A-level and would love if you could help them achieve similar grades.”
Emily, England

“I am reporting to say that I got an A grade in my French A level exam! Thank you so much for all your help which clearly helped make all the difference”
Mary, England

“I am currently studying French at university, and as a native speaker, Anais has helped me hugely to improve my language skills. We have worked together through out the year to improve my understanding of French grammar, as well as on translation exercises, where I have found it invaluable to have the help of a fluent French speaker. Anais is very friendly and welcoming, and her flexibility to work on whatever suits me, and arrange classes as and when I need them has been perfect. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor!”
Lucy, England

“I really enjoy our Skype lessons and think they help a lot alongside university.”
George, England

“Anais provides convenient, flexible lessons. She is extremely friendly and put me at ease with my rusty French! It is a pleasure to conduct lessons and she has helped me with conversational ability and grammar. Skype lessons have worked better than I expected! Highly recommended.”
Adrian, Canada

“Anaïs is very friendly as well as professional and supportive. She helped me a lot to speed up and get the B1 in just few months. ”
Alex, Greece

“I had been studying french with Anaïs for bit more than two years. With her help and guidance I passed the B2 level exam and after that we continued preparing for the next level, C1. Anaïs knows how to adapt the lesson to the learning style and the needs of the student, she is extremely patient and she always tries to make the lesson enjoyable and interesting. Now that I have moved to the french-speaking part of Belgium, I realise the value of everything I learnt with her. Thank you for everything Anaïs!! :) ”
Francesco, Italy

“I have enjoyed our lessons and our conversations on Skype! Thanks you very much for all your time and patience teaching me French ”
Andrea, Spain

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