Over 185 five stars reviews on Google
Over 185 five stars reviews on Google
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Bonjour je suis Alexandra

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Alexandra specialises in teaching French to adults at any level, beginners, intermediate and advanced. On top of that, she can also tutor children from the age of 11 years old. She can also help with any French exam such as GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, DELF, DALF... She is DBS checked.

Before working with us, she delivered training to entrepreneurs in different fields and held group sessions. On top of that, she has also been a private French tutor mainly to adults learners in London. Alexandra is a friendly person. She is ​​very creative and likes to spend her free time reading, going to exhibitions, watching movies and listening to music. She is also a patient and enthusiastic individual.

She thinks a good teacher should be patient, encouraging and enthusiastic in order to put their clients at ease. On top of French, she also speaks English fluently. Moreover, she has an intermediate level in Spanish. She learnt them at school and university.

The method

All our services are backed up by the unique method we developed over the last ten years. We designed it to be logical and super efficient. It mixes conversation, vocabulary, grammar and fun that we teach in your mother language until your French understanding is advanced enough. Our method is available in a serie of book that we use for all our lessons.

The reviews

“Anais and Co, are a brilliant French tuition service that has been a very positive experience for us. Although most training providers refer new customers to a sales team or online portal, Anais contacted us directly (the same day) to understand our needs and how she could support us on our learning journey. In terms of the lesson/ teaching experience, we are very pleased with our French teacher (Imene) and her professionalism, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills which she brings to every lesson. She is consistent, adaptable and knowledgeable and we can't have asked for a better teacher. Learning a new language can be extremely challenging at times, however, Imene's excellent people skills means that she is able to make every lesson an enjoyable experience which in turn maximises our learning capabilities. 5 start customer experience!”

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The clients

We have taught French to people from different parts of the world, adapting the teaching method to their background, requirements, and consideration of their mother tongue. We had the pleasure to teach French to university lecturers, researchers and doctors, and people working in the cinema, the music, and the media industry such as tv producers, journalists, or musicians. We have as well taught French to business owners, to CEOs, and to members of the European Parliament. Moreover, we have delivered in-company lessons, for English companies working with French ones and, to people working for French companies. Some of them are:

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