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Aller et faire

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Aller = To go
Je vais I go
Tu vas You go
Il/elle/on va He/she goes
Nous allons We go
Vous allez You go
Ils/elles vont They go


Remember to use the “z” link for “nous” and “vous.”

Don’t confuse “nous allons” with “nous avons” and “vous allez” with “vous avez” even if they are close.

Forming sentences

It is quite easy to form sentences with “aller” as there are many places someone can go to. Remember to use the contracted articles when needed. For example: Je vais au supermarché → I go to the supermarket.


“Aller” in the present tense is also used to form one of our future tenses.

Faire = To do or to make
Je fais I do
Tu fais You do
Il/elle/on fait He/she does
Nous faisons We do
Vous faites You do
Ils/elles font They do

Forming sentences

It is easy to form sentences with “faire” as there are many things someone can do, including sports or activities. Remember to use the partitive articles when needed.

For example:
Je fais du foot → I do football.

More in the books

Werther you are learning by yourself, with Anais and Co or if you are a FLE teacher find this lesson and many more in a beautiful book.

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